Advance Your Career with Tableau (for FREE)

Whether you want to break into the analytics field or continue to build your career, learning new skills like Tableau will pay dividends. Not only will potential employers see you are dedicated to your career growth, but it shows you are adaptable and not afraid to tackle new problems. Having a wide array of skills also pays off in an existing career or down the road. I can't tell you how many times the HTML and CSS skills I picked up in high school and college helped me in both past and current roles.

Over the next few blog posts I will be writing in depth about a few of the ways you can build your career using Tableau. Keep tabs on my latest posts by subscribing to my blog, using the section on the right. Some of these items are easy enough for you to do right now -- seriously, they take 5 minutes. Others require more dedicated time, but are well worth it. Those will be the items I write about in the coming months. Please enjoy this list and let me know if I missed anything!

Ways to Advance Your Career with Tableau (For Free)

* These items take only a few minutes to get started. So do it now. No time like the present. I'll wait.

It's really all about practice

Many of the items in the list above revolve around practice. It's going to be tough getting started. Everything you try to do will be a struggle, but with a little time (seriously, so small) those little things will become muscle memory. You will continue to try, struggle, Google, trial, error, and finally find a solution. It will get easier, you will get better, and you will crush it!

Put yourself out there

In addition to mastering Tableau, there is an amazing community of other Tableau junkies that want to hear from you. We want to help you on your journey and elevate your successes. We need your perspective and originality. So build those connections.

I would not be where I am today if I had not learned Tableau, got involved in my local user group, and presented at numerous events. I want everyone to experience the joy of having found a supportive community and rewarding career.

So be curious and have fun.