Working on My Website

I am working on making my website. My old one is outdated and not the look I am going for anymore. I want to have some sort of branding, which used to be my star logo, which I might still use, but I wanted something less tacky. I like the letter "B" (who would have thought) so I am using that as my branding, and wanted a favicon for my new website. A favicon is the little 16 x 16 icon in the address bar, or tab, that corresponds to a site. For example, the blogger favicon, is that little orange "B". Anyways, after looking around and trying out a bunch of sites that created them easily enough, I was so impressing with this one, that I had to share it. The link will also be in the links section on the side of my blog.

A few other things I like to use on my websites: the add this button, which you see at the end of each of my posts and now in the top right corner of my website. Tag clouds are a cool new thing. They are great for blogs, because with some tag clouds, you can set them so when you click a word in the cloud, it searches for that words in  your blogs. For websites, it just graphically shows the most used words in a cloud. and I also like to include my blogger and twitter on websites, embedded right in the website. For that I use It takes minor time to set up each of these cool additions, and make your site look dynamic.