I *heart* Computers

I love Firefox, the Internet, computer languages, graphic design, and awesome websites! I have so much to share!!! First, social media sites are beginning to work with each other, which makes sharing information super easy. I have listed a few sites below that offer great additions to a website, or blog. When it comes to Firefox, I love the new personas you can have. I love the Internet for all the information and knowledge I can obtain. Computer languages are great, and I am so happy I learned bits and pieces along the way, because I feel it allows me to better understand computer and what they need to function without problems. Graphic design is amazing, and more important to a website than I thought possible. I always thought it was all about the code, but when you incorporate graphics in a non-cheesy way, it looks awesome. I am struggling with that right now; the ability to take my website designs to the next level. I need to add more graphics. I am working this into my blogs as well. I would like them to look more sophisticated, but I have been unable to find a way to make what I want. I hope to soon, but so much time is lost on it, and I am not sure of the need at this time.

A great site I have found is http://www.labpixies.com/. They make many gadgets and wonderful goodies for the iGoogle home page, which I love! Google in general is something amazing. They offer this blog, as well as a profile if I were a group. They allow me to store and share documents and calendars. They give people free "site" hosting, and connect to your YouTube account. Also, they offer picture storage and analytics for your website.