Tableau 9.3 Has Been Released

Like everyone else, I received an email notifying me of the release of the newest release of Tableau (9.3). As always I took a look at the new features and there is some pretty cool stuff!

Self-Service at Scale

  • SEARCH – Like it sounds, similar to the filter search bar
  • CONTENT ANALYTICS – Sorting by most popular workbooks, trend chart in tooltip for interactors to find dashboards they might not typically look at
  • VERSIONING – This is one of the most exciting additions for me as I’ve been tasked to put our workbooks into SVN, rolling back changes made easy!
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT – Now more users can refresh data extracts, which will help me out since we have many data sources that I want to give our users access to run as needed
  • TABLEAU SERVER MANAGEMENT – While there are many fun things here, my favorite is disk-space monitoring so we can avoid any issues


  • PUBLISH DATA SOURCE – The interface has changed, the biggest impact here is the swapping the local data source with the published one
  • MOBILE SIGN-IN – Stay signed in to the mobile app
  • ALWAYS CONNECTED – Desktop will remember your connection, the downside here is for admins who may frequently switch sites
  • TABLEAU ONLINE SYNC – Notifications if your data source needs additional information, love this!


  • UNION – I’ve been using this for a while now from the beta directly to our Tableau 9.2 server because it’s a frequent request, no more writing weird queries using the “legacy connection”
  • SNOWFLAKE – I don’t know much (or anything) about Snowflake other than they were at the Gartner BI & Analytics Summit
  • DATA GRID – Additional preview abilities
  • GROUPS AND BINS – More data prep capabilities in the data source window
  • JOIN – The ability to pivot your data and then join, this just takes even more of those basic data prep needs and embeds them directly in the tool
  • DATA CONNECTIONS – Row level security capabilities among many other items regarding Teradata, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Pivotal Greenplum, Microsoft SQL Server, and Salesforce
  • PERFORMANCE – Better caching and only connecting to necessary data sources to create the selected view

Fast and Easy

  • MAPS – Even more geographic detail for Europe and India, more demographic information for the United States, and updates to postal codes
  • FORECASTING – Automatic seasonal selection to help with odd patterns
  • HIGH DPI – This speaks for itself
  • TOTALS – You can now exclude totals from coloring, which will help many of our users significantly
  • SHEET COLORS – Color in the sheet sorter and filmstrip views
  • PERFORMANCE – Various performance enhancements, I’ll have to test this on some of our more complex workbooks

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the newest Tableau features so please comment below! If you want to check out the details yourself, you can find them here: