Blog's Purpose & My New Project

Since starting this blog I've struggled with what it should be about. I have so many interests but I don't really want to have a separate blog for each topic. I feel like I'm all over the place with my interests - not that they change but more so that I go through phases where I focus on a particular interest.

That said, I have a lot of projects and some times they go unfinished because I move on to something else. I have learned that this is going to happen to me, so I have broken up my recent project into smaller pieces. This will allow me to work on it now, feel a sense of accomplishment, then move on to something else. When I come back to this project I will complete phase 2 and the process will repeat itself until the larger scope of the project is done. Are you still with me through that crazy talk?

My new project is organizing, printing, and putting my photos into albums. Phase 1: Collect and organize photos. Phase 2: Determine which photos to print. Phase 3: Put photos into appropriate albums. This project may sound simple, but my photos are scattered all over - hard copy (which need to be scanned), Facebook, multiple cameras, multiple phones, multiple computers. Phase 1 is almost complete.

Back to my original point (that this blog has no specific purpose or topic). I want it to be about everything. I'm fairly certain I have no readers, but this blog can be just for me and that's okay.