Working on My Website

I am working on making my website. My old one is outdated and not the look I am going for anymore. I want to have some sort of branding, which used to be my star logo, which I might still use, but I wanted something less tacky. I like the letter "B" (who would have thought) so I am using that as my branding, and wanted a favicon for my new website. A favicon is the little 16 x 16 icon in the address bar, or tab, that corresponds to a site. For example, the blogger favicon, is that little orange "B". Anyways, after looking around and trying out a bunch of sites that created them easily enough, I was so impressing with this one, that I had to share it. The link will also be in the links section on the side of my blog.

A few other things I like to use on my websites: the add this button, which you see at the end of each of my posts and now in the top right corner of my website. Tag clouds are a cool new thing. They are great for blogs, because with some tag clouds, you can set them so when you click a word in the cloud, it searches for that words in  your blogs. For websites, it just graphically shows the most used words in a cloud. and I also like to include my blogger and twitter on websites, embedded right in the website. For that I use It takes minor time to set up each of these cool additions, and make your site look dynamic.

Yamaha XJ650

The weather has started to get warmer, and when it does it reminds me of softball. It also makes me miss my motorcycle. The sun is so beautiful, and the best feeling is the wind against your chest and face; the sun beating down on you. There is so much to say about riding: the curves, the speed, the shear joy.

Randy Strong

Another artist from SOFA: Randy Strong. He is a glass blower, which is an art I know nothing about, but this work, from his wind series, is really striking. It has a great movement to it, and when I look at it with this light, I see an underwater sea creature.

Workout Clothes

So I have enough t-shirts to last a lifetime. I have shorts and pants, too, but they all look like a boy could wear them too. So I need more feminine workout clothes. I really should invest in under armour ones. I love the way they feel and they are a great brand, but I cannot validate spending $30 on a pair of pants that I'll just get all sweaty. One of these days I will, but this is what I'm looking for:

Stine Diness & Martin Thaulow

First, I need to thank my sister Nicole for the tickets to SOFA. Second, I need to thank Ryan for going with me. Third, the artists were amazing. I thought the show would be a little more abstract, but instead it was to be used as decor. The next few posts will probably be artists from that show.

I really like how this light is functional and beautiful, but not in a way that we would normally think of. Sometimes it is shown with a looped video of rain, but I am so engrossed in the shape and beauty of each drop. I love the rain. It is peaceful and uncomplicated; clean and sporadic. Just look at this detail:

David Kessler

Another artist I just happened to stumble upon (not using the website) while walking back from Navy Pier in Chicago is David Kessler. He is being shown in the Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery and I recommend that anyone in that are go and see his paintings. I like that he uses aluminum canvas, because not many would traditionally think of that material as a canvas. I would like to take objects and make people view them differently, so he is an innovator for me. It seems like a genius idea to put paint on a metal canvas with a metal brush. The way he makes use of light off the metal is inspirational. I hope I have an idea like this someday.

David Opdyke

David Opdyke is an artist that came to Beloit College in the spring of 2009. He had an art show in our Wright Museum of Art. He is a great sculptor and someone I really admire. His design are intricate, and use found materials. Find a link to his website on the right, and a picture below. I like how he addresses key issues in our society in his pieces. It is something I strive to do, and he does it very well. There is much I can learn from his art and there are not many artists I feel I can relate to.

Sandals from Mexico

My dad left for Mexico a week ago, and he comes back tomorrow. I am extremely excited because I asked for a pair of sandals, like the ones below. I want to show this picture first, and later I will show you the ones I actually get and we can see the difference! My dad has great style, so I'm not worried.

Sophie by Vans

I wanted to have this blog to share all my interests (Turkey, graphic design, website design, computers, art, sculpture, economics, libertarianism, gay rights, interior design, and fashion). This post: the Sophie shoe by Vans. I saw these shoes in a magazine and think they are so cool! Modern, traditional, classic, artsy, smart, serious.

Driving Back to the City

I am very excited about creating this blog, and since it is a Saturday, I do not have much to do. I should be working on researching grad schools, studying one of the many things I would like to get better at, but instead I chose to go through pictures on facebook and find ones of Turkey that I like.

I really love the videos on put on facebook as well. Here is one. It makes me think of so many great stories, but I will save that for another day. The quick story is that we took a trip with a group of Turkish students out into the country to hike, and this is a video of the ride back. It shows the country outside of Istanbul and Turkish music is playing, so I love watching this.

Shampoo Reminds Me

Two years ago I studied abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. I have much to say about my experience, but not many have asked me about it in a way that would evoke a description of anything significant. You probably don't understand me if you have never studied abroad; but if you have, the feeling is all too familiar.

The worst part about going abroad is coming home. You are a different person; changed. But people do not see you this way. To them you are the same person you always were. They will ask you how the trip was, or the flight specifically, did you see anything cool, did you have fun, general questions. You might get excited and start to talk about something, but after a few minutes the conversation is over, even though you haven't even begun.

It has been two years and I still feel this way. There are so many things I haven't talked about; so many experiences to share. Sometimes I miss it so much I cry. I wish so badly that I could've shared it with someone, so at least I could reminisce.

Well, the other day I bought new shampoo and took a shower. It was early morning, before work, so I didn't turn on the lights, but instead let the natural light from the window light the white room. As I showered, I lathered up, and a familiar feeling came over me. It is hard to describe, but the smell from the shampoo is the same smell that I had from the shampoo I used in Turkey. The natural light from the window reminded me of the light from the window in the shower in Turkey. It brought me back to my time in Turkey and made me extremely happy. I look forward to showering in the morning, and I have promised myself to write about Turkey as much as I can.

It is something that is extremely important to me, and I will not forget it. I regret that I did not take pictures of the simple things; things I now miss the most. I wish I could explain the little things to people, but they do not care about the little things the way I do. I also regret not keeping a journal, for now I am stuck reliving memories randomly, and trying my best to describe here what I have gone through.

I hope to go back very soon, with someone, to show them the country I now love so much.

En büyük Galatasaray!