Burpee Equivalent

My Aunt Stacy posted an interesting article on Facebook regarding the amount of burpees a person must do to counter junk food they eat. I find this type of information extremely important because it helps to educate individuals on the effect of their eating habits. Many people indulge in the immediate satisfaction of junk food but do not realize the long term affect this has on their physical appearance.

When I read the blog post I immediately thought about how I could visualize it. I took the data, threw it into Excel, and then used Tableau Public to make it interactive. A user can select their general weight and see the number of burpees they must do in order to burn off the calories of the specific item of food.

Check out the whole thing here: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/BurpeeEquivalent/FoodComparison?:embed=y#1

And here is a static image: