Helpful Links for Studying Abroad in Turkey

I am still so in love with the country of Turkey! I love talking about it, and helping others who are thinking about studying abroad or visiting there. Here are some links that I found from when I studied there in 2008. There are others I may add as I find them.

Istanbul City Guide, great for understanding transportation:
Istanbul Public Transportation:
HavaƟ Shuttles (multiple cities):
Online Food Ordering Service (multiple cities):
Front Page's of Newspapers from Around the World:

Updated Website

I have been working on my website over the past few months. It took quite a lot of time to develop a brand that I enjoy looking at every day. Anyways... I seemed to be stuck until today! The home page didn't grab your attention at all. To remedy the situation I used to create a word cloud, and sense my website has an opaque background, the ability to make the word cloud transparent was crucial.