Wedding Hashtag

My partner and I both love our technology. We appreciate social media and plan on incorporating it into our wedding through the use of a hashtag. Our guests will be able to snap a photo, apply filters in Instagram, use our hashtag and it will appear in our wedding feed. Guests can also send that Instagrammed photo to Twitter or directly tweet about our wedding using our hashtag and that will also appear in our feed.

Our plan is have these two feeds (Instagram and Twitter) up during dinner or dancing or something. We hope our guests take part and have fun with it - make it into an interactive event. I wanted our wedding to be something different. Simple, elegant, with some traditions, but also I wanted pieces of our wedding to break the norms. I want our guests to feel comfortable using technology - as long as it is about us. :)

Seriously, though, I hope people have fun with it and see it as a form of entertainment and not rudeness. I'm sure some people will think it is tacky, but it's us and that's what that day is going to be about. #BrandiLovesTara