Shampoo Reminds Me

Two years ago I studied abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. I have much to say about my experience, but not many have asked me about it in a way that would evoke a description of anything significant. You probably don't understand me if you have never studied abroad; but if you have, the feeling is all too familiar.

The worst part about going abroad is coming home. You are a different person; changed. But people do not see you this way. To them you are the same person you always were. They will ask you how the trip was, or the flight specifically, did you see anything cool, did you have fun, general questions. You might get excited and start to talk about something, but after a few minutes the conversation is over, even though you haven't even begun.

It has been two years and I still feel this way. There are so many things I haven't talked about; so many experiences to share. Sometimes I miss it so much I cry. I wish so badly that I could've shared it with someone, so at least I could reminisce.

Well, the other day I bought new shampoo and took a shower. It was early morning, before work, so I didn't turn on the lights, but instead let the natural light from the window light the white room. As I showered, I lathered up, and a familiar feeling came over me. It is hard to describe, but the smell from the shampoo is the same smell that I had from the shampoo I used in Turkey. The natural light from the window reminded me of the light from the window in the shower in Turkey. It brought me back to my time in Turkey and made me extremely happy. I look forward to showering in the morning, and I have promised myself to write about Turkey as much as I can.

It is something that is extremely important to me, and I will not forget it. I regret that I did not take pictures of the simple things; things I now miss the most. I wish I could explain the little things to people, but they do not care about the little things the way I do. I also regret not keeping a journal, for now I am stuck reliving memories randomly, and trying my best to describe here what I have gone through.

I hope to go back very soon, with someone, to show them the country I now love so much.

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